"In the realm of metamancy, where alchemy and magic intertwine, the true soul of the Metamancers shines—a symphony of transmutation, where metals dance with ethereal fire, and the breath of dragons whispers secrets of timeless wisdom. Wielding the power to shape the elements, breathing life into the crucible molten forge, as they forge a path of mystic transmutation within."

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You are one of the divine Cherubim who once safeguarded the sacred Realms of Metamancy. 

A rift in the very fabric of these Realms has caused a profound disturbance, unraveling the stability of interdimensional portals. As a consequence, numerous Cherubim have been unshackled from their roles as portal guardians. These newfound wanderers, known as "mischievous dreamers", exploit the dimension of relativity to evade their destiny as gatekeepers. 

This newfound liberty has endowed them with free will and an abundance of power, as they remain inexorably connected to the energy coursing through the portals, known as the Flux, which is Aether energy in motion. Empowered by this extraordinary Aether, they conjure spells, serving a multitude of purposes. Their conduit to this energy is the manipulation of metals, through a crucible nestled within their very chests. This crucible within, aflame with Aether's essence, has the unique ability to absorb these from other worlds metallic essences, fusing it within their grasp.

Among these Cherubim, alliances form, and others succumb to the allure of limitless metals, descending into the ranks of adversaries. They wield extraordinary marvels by harnessing the Aether, persuading ethereal creatures to manifest their desires. In the eyes of these Cherubim, humans are known as Melders, and they call themselves Metamancers.

The deck of cards you wield symbolizes the diverse capabilities your Metamancer possesses, harnessed through the power of Aether encapsulated within the very metals. As you craft your personalized deck, you're poised to challenge your peers and determine whose crucible burns the brightest.

Explore the Unique Abilities of Each Metamancer

Which gameplay mechanic resonates with you the most?

1️⃣ Combo Mastery: Unleash the power of Metamancer Silas with multiple casts, coupled with cards like Blazing Evocation and Explosive Echoes.

2️⃣ Creature Tactics: Command creatures with the unique abilities of Metamancers Alonso, Varos, and Concio.

3️⃣ Burn Strategies: Harness the fiery prowess of Metamancer Malachi for scorching plays.

4️⃣ Sacrifice Rituals: Embrace the art of sacrifice with the intriguing mechanics of Metamancer Cruxx.

5️⃣ Control Mastery: Wield control over the game with the strategic plays of Metamancer Solomon.

6️⃣ Artifact Wonders: Unlock the potential of artifacts and uncover intricate combos with Metamancer Crisolda.

Additionally, some Metamancers have the ability to evolve into another character gaining new abilities, and there are numerous gameplay possibilities for players to discover over time. 

All of this combined with the resource mechanic present in almost every card ensures that you always have the means to activate your cards. 

Unleash the depths of Metamancers' Realms

In this wondrous fantasy world, magic flows through the air like a living, shimmering veil. 

Each step taken is accompanied by whispers of arcane secrets, and every breath of melted enchanted metal in a crucible pipe carries the tantalizing scent of untapped potential. Keep reading...

The Lore

In the realm of Metamancers, the very fabric of existence is woven by three cosmic forces: The Aether, The Meta, and The Ineffable. 

The Aether, a conduit to the elemental energies, binds the metals and the Metamancers in a symphony of power. It is the wellspring from which magic flows, granting them the ability to shape and manipulate the metals with finesse. 

The Meta, the nexus of connections, serves as the bridge between worlds, seamlessly linking the diverse abilities and metals within the flux. It bestows upon the Metamancers the deep understanding of this intricate dance, enabling them to harness its full potential. Yet, at the heart of it all lies The Ineffable, a name whispered in awe, for it represents a force beyond comprehension, defying explanation. 

The Ineffable birthed the Meta and the Aether, and its unfathomable might resonates through every fiber of the Metamancer's being. Together, these enigmatic forces form the foundation of Metamancers' lore, imbuing it with ancient origins, unyielding power, and an impenetrable mystique.

In the realm of Metamancers, a deep understanding has emerged—a realization that their individual abilities are intricately connected to the well-being of their community. Embracing this truth, they hold themselves accountable for utilizing their powers in service of the greater good. This Aether extends to their mastery of metallurgical arts, where they transmute noxious elements into a potent energy source that bestows benefits upon all, while safeguarding against harm. This unwavering commitment reveals your dedication to placing the welfare of the community above personal desires or self-interests.

Yet, a cautionary tale exists within the fabric of the Aether. To wield its power against fellow Metamancers is to invite a dire consequence—a violent, relentless cough that defies any form of healing. Repeated misuse of this force darkens the lungs, inflicting unbearable agony that can ultimately lead to the Metamancer's demise, but he cannot break free from the seduction power of Aether's energy. Over time, the relentless influence of the Aether begins to corrode the mind, driving Metamancers to turn against one another, imperiling the entire community of metal sorcerers. Beware, for the alluring grasp of the Aether may have already taken hold of your soul, threatening to unravel the unity that binds the Metamancers together.

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